I Gave Myself the World

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“what is it that you want?”
i want all this world can give me.
“then you’re going to have to give it to yourself.”

i gave myself the world showcases the beauty of introspection and exploring personal conflict. Through a conversation with an inner voice, Catarine Hancock portrays and symbolizes the peaks, valleys, and plateaus of the journey toward recognizing self-worth. This collection of uplifting verse is a balm for the soul in need of peace and will help the reader grow into the person they’re meant to be.


Catarine Hancock is a 22-year-old poet and opera singer from Lexington, Kentucky. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from University of Kentucky, and is currently earning her Master of Music in Voice at Indiana University. Along with music, poetry is her other great love. Having written two poetry collections centered around relationships and heartbreak, Catarine wanted to write a book about the most important relationship anybody will ever experience: the one they have with themselves.

i gave myself the world is about second chances with ourselves. Through this thoughtful and inspiring collection of poems and prose, Catarine Hancock has described the beauty of growing up, healing, and fully embracing who we are.”

Shelby Leigh, author of changing with the tides