i am tired of being a dandelion

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Like finding a four leaf clover, breaking a fortune cookie, wishing on a shooting star, or blowing a dandelion, this collection is written from a place of hope. Life presents a multitude of moments we hope work in our favor. One moment has us building a fortress of daydreams and anticipation, and the next it may come crumbling down.

Yet, no matter how many times our hopes fall, we seem to be able to rebuild them again and again. i am tired of being a dandelion explores the spectrum of hope in romance and self love, along with the hope to grow to become the best version of oneself.


TikTok sensation and poet Zane Frederick grew up in the scorching valley that holds Phoenix, Arizona. After the release of his debut book, (he)art., Zane matured in his writing to create his most recent and honest collection yet, i am tired of being a dandelion. A majority of this book was written during the summer he spent in New York City, in various coffee shops, street corners, and many hours at Grand Central Station.

“Both gentle and electrifying, this collection left me speechless.” – Makenzie Campbell, author of 2am Thoughts