When All is Quiet…

When All is Quiet…

You know that analogy about the duck seemingly moving effortlessly on a pond? The one that talks about how quiet and calm the duck looks above the water, but underneath, they’re paddling furiously? That’s kind of how things are at Central Avenue right now. Our last release was Bread Sex Trees over a month ago, and we only have two releases next season, What Will People Say in January and the first volume of the Central Avenue Poetry Prize in April.

You might be wondering why we’re releasing so few titles in the coming months. Well… it’s because we’re about to make a major change. We’re changing distributors on May 1, 2024. Our new sales and distribution team will be Simon & Schuster and we’re very excited to be working with them. In order to prepare for the transition, I moved the publication dates of three of our spring titles to the summer so that S&S will have a chance to sell them in, and to reduce the amount of disruption when we make that change. But after May 1, there will be a ton of visible activity! We have six titles releasing in less than two months and so many more planned for the fall & winter seasons. 

From a consumer POV, there really won’t be much that’s noticeable – our program remains the same, both from an editorial and creative standpoint. On the logistics side, we are hoping for increased availability both here in North America and abroad. We are still a small press, doing things independently and taking on work that others might not be interested in. But now, we’ve got the firepower of a big company behind us, helping get our authors out into the world. I’m always cautious in my optimism, but hopefully I look back on this decision as a good one. I will truly miss my colleagues at IPG who remain my heroes for bringing Central Avenue to where it is now. ❤️

So, yeah, it’s going to look a little quiet around here, but we are very busy organizing stock, learning new ways of sending books to market, and making sure all our data is showing up properly. We also received some amazing work for our open poetry submissions that just closed and we’re busy going through those. If you submitted and you didn’t receive an email from me acknowledging your submission, please respond to this email so I can double check we received it.

As always, thank you for supporting small independent publishing. For another week (till Dec 7), we are offering 50% off your entire cart at our store by using code BFF50. And if you are taking it easy on buying stuff – you can always support our authors and books by downloading some of our ebooks for free, or borrowing a paper book at a library. 

Here’s hoping you’re not paddling too hard!