The Central Avenue Webinar: Episode 2

The Central Avenue Webinar: Episode 2

We hope you’ll join us for the second episode of the Central Avenue Publishing webinar. In this monthly series, we’ll talk everything publishing: from submissions, and editing, to marketing and sales and beyond. It’s everything you might want to know!

Traditional publishing can be a bit of a black box and this is our attempt to pull back the curtain on this little industry of ours. Each webinar will have three parts. Each month, we’ll do a deep dive on one topic, then answer questions from our community and finish off with a guest. This is free, and we’re not trying to sell you anything — it’s really our way of giving back to the amazing community that shares so much with us. 

This episode focusses on acquisitions and we are joined by Catherine Hedrick-Armstrong, an agent with The Purcell Agency.

Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong is a Senior Literary Agent at The Purcell Agency based in Chicago. A member of the Association of American Literary Agent (AALA), Cathie represents young adult and adult fiction in the categories of Women’s Fiction, Romance, Mysteries, Thrillers, and Fantasy.

When selecting a manuscript, Cathie is always looking for a story or writing that evokes an emotional response—curiosity, fear, sorrow, humor, etc. Currently, she’s especially interested in finding more authors from traditionally marginalized communities and experiences (i.e. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and non-neurotypical).

An Oklahoma native transplanted in Minnesota, Cathie is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma where she holds a B.A. in Journalism and a minor in History, and is unsurprisingly a rabid OU Sooners Football fan. A new initiate into the not-so-exclusive society of “Empty Nesters,” she’s looking forward to blocking off some time in this next phase of her life to finally work on some of her own writing projects.

It takes place Saturday, April 13, 2024 at noon EST, and if you’ve ever wondered how traditional presses and agents undertake acquisitions, this is the episode for you!

Registration link is here!