Into Captivity They Will Go

October 2019 also welcomes Into Captivity They Will Go – the third book by Noah Milligan.

This gripping novel explores the impact a parent can have on a child. Caleb Gunter has grown up being told he’s the second coming of Christ, and he is destined to lead the chosen into Heaven.

Embraced by critics and booksellers, this novel will stay with you long after you put it down. Noah is appearing at several bookstores around the OK, Texas and Colorado region.

Aphrodite Made Me Do it

To much excitement, we’re very proud to release the new book by Trista Mateer, Aphrodite Made Me Do It.

There are few books that garner this kind of excitement. From major listings across North America to a huge fanbase posting daily, this book is worthy of all the positivity.

A full color book of poetry, illustrations and photographs, which broaches self care, feminism and mythology, these letters by both the Goddess and the Poet will have you believing in the possibility of your own healing.


Once again, we’re proud to have collaborated with ten fantastic poets who contributed poetry and short stories to the 2019 edition of [Dis]Connected.

Follow along as some of today’s most popular poets write short stories based on their fellow poet’s poem. It’s a most unique creative writing exercise!

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