A Strangely Wrapped Gift

In A Strangely Wrapped Gift, you will find journeys from mental illness to recovery, from heartbreak to heart growth, from hopelessness to empowerment, and from the ocean to the stars. In these pages, Juniper takes heavy, emotional raw material and weaves it into stunning, relatable poetry you’ll long to share with friends and loved ones. This collection is a reminder that broken pieces make the most beautiful mosaics, and that all of us possess the power to bloom even after a harsh winter. 


Searching for a profound way to propose to his then-girlfriend, F. S. Yousaf reread the letters and poems he had written her. In them he found his proposal, as well as inspiration to write more prose and poetry. From this inspiration, Sincerely was born. It carries messages of positivity, hope, and most of all, true love.

Sad Birds Still Sing

October 15 marks the launch of Sad Birds Still Sing by Instagram sensation Faraway.

This is a new, expanded, and re-organized version of the first, self-published edition.

It’s filled with messages of love, self care, loss, and reflection on life. It’s available everywhere fantastic books are sold.