New Release: Datura by LM DeWalt

This month, we’re very pleased to present the second in The Quest For Reason series – Datura by LM DeWalt. This book follows Lily as she tries to cope with the drama of finding a new family and love only to have it all taken from her by the one she had loved for so many years. While Lily is a vampire, what makes this book so real is that she has all the feelings and emotions that we all share – the desire for happiness and fulfillment but an overwhelming feeling of being totally undeserving. She’s as real as anyone we know. All the characters that DeWalt paints are as real as she is and it is fascinating to watch them all interact in a supernatural way in this very successful series. Both Lily & Datura have been released in English and Spanish. You can also find the English versions in both print and digital editions wherever you like to buy books.


After nearly a century of wandering the globe alone, Lily finally has everything she never knew she wanted, family, friends, and most of all, their love. As Lily attempts to start her new life, in the lively streets of Lima, Peru, she feels she is constantly being followed. With Ian, her first love and maker, now gone, who is left to destroy the happiness she has finally found? Someone still longs for Lily’s destruction. Vengeance or jealousy threaten to destroy her, and Lily must summon all the strength she can find to protect everything she cherishes against vampires, hunters, and witches.