New Release: Can You Hear Me Now? by Annie O’Sullivan

One of our very first books as a publishing house was the first instalment of Can You Hear Me Now? A haunting look back through the graphic memories of a woman who endured ongoing abuse at the hands of her parents. Originally it was published ‘as is’; it fell under our old publishing model which was supported self-publishing. We then released the second in the series about two years ago. As we’ve grown and morphed, we have decided to launch the final instalment as a full book, which incorporates all parts of O’Sullivan’s story into one fully edited digital and print book.

This book culminates in the event which brings a degree of closure to her pain, continues to haunt the reader well after they put it down. The beauty of the story is in the redemption. It represents the blossoming of a soul who had lost all faith but has grown out of the muck to be a majestic tree providing comfort and a home for other lost souls. We commend Annie on her strength, her ability to love and her desire to reach out to others who find themselves in similar situations. Read this book and you can’t help but evaluate your own life, the way you treat people and what you can accomplish.

Annie O’Sullivan served in the United States Marine Corps and following a hospital stay and two years of disability she went on to log ten years of counselling. She has since earned two Masters degrees and maintains a rewarding career in land management. Her own successful family has grown to include multiple grandchildren, dogs, cats and several fish Рall happy and well.

Against The Odds: Life Is Good.