Happy, Happy Days to All!

This is a time of year for reflection, for family, for friends, for fun, for food, for remembering, for giving thanks. For me, here at ireadiwrite Publishing, this is a time to thank three sets of people.

The first set of thanks goes to the tremendous, wonderful authors with whom I am terribly privileged to work. They provide undying sources of friendship, support, frustration, and a huge amount of talent. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart, from the first author, who wrote the very first book released by us, to the most recent – who provides a source of inspiration to many around the world. The ones in between are each special in their own way, with each one of their books marking a special event for me. I hope they all know how special they are. I also credit the authors who stayed for a while and then went their own way. I wish them nothing but success in their careers. The ones who’ve stayed have seen the downs and now fortunately – the many ups. We are a family, we have disagreements, we have moments of being in each other’s heads. We have grown together and we’re now reaping the benefits. Thank you – you’ve all inspired me, made me jealous of you and made me admire the tremendous talent you each have.

My next shout out goes to the many editors, beta readers, proofreaders, reviewers, booksellers, bloggers, technical advisers and designers who I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Some have come and gone and others have stayed longer. Some I’ve only met online and others are as close as family. You have contributed in a real sense to the growth of this company and made our books better than ever. Thank you.

But my biggest thank you goes to the many, many thousands of readers who have bought and read our books. Some are friends and family of the authors, but the vast majority are strangers who’ve come across a book by an unknown author, a small press and have taken a chance on them. They’ve spread the word via social media sites and reviews. They’ve been kind and critical, honest and sometimes overwhelmingly supportive. But they are all valuable – and have brought so much to the table. They are what keeps me going – what keeps all of us going. Thank you for your wonderful support. It means more than you know.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and a Joyful Holiday season to all who celebrate at this time of year. May we all enjoy ourselves, remember those lost to us and be thankful for what we have.