The Artisan Heart

September marks the first of our fall releases and this month is being celebrated with The Artisan Heart by Dean Mayes.

This heartwarming and romantic story of second chances is set in the mountains of South Australia and features characters as real as they are endearing.

Dean and I met many years ago. I sought him out on social media to find out more about the romance novel he had written, The Hambledown Dream. When I read it, I knew I had to publish it and boy, did I ever. What I mean is, I made aDeanMayeston of mistakes with it. It had everything from poor typesetting to typos. The reality was that it was the first book I had ever published in print and Dean was incredibly patient and kind as we navigated the new and scary and confusing process together. We’ve tried to fix as many of those irritating issues as we could, but I’m sure there’s some that persist even today. I take heart that even books published by bigger and better houses than mine often have mistakes.

Over the past eight and half years, we have grown together, and released now four books. I was so happy to have Dean return to romance which I think he writes rather

20180104_175646And one other fun tidbit — after the cover ideas had been discussed, it was Dean’s young daughter that suggested that a train could be included, since the town where the novel is set, Walhalla, is known for its train route. She even went so far as to draw up a cover for me! With her suggestion, I just knew we had to add the tracks to the cover.

But most importantly, readers seem to love the book — so far, it has a 4.2 rating on Goodreads! People have said their favourite characters is Genevieve, a hearing-impaired and precocious child who ends up helping the main characters find each other.

So, here’s to the first release of the fall season, to the fourth novel of Dean’s, and to many more years together!