Five Hundred Poor

9781771681391June 1 marks the last book that Central Avenue will release this season and the first day of the rest of the life of Five Hundred Poor, a collection of short stories by critically acclaimed author, Noah Milligan.

Five Hundred Poor is named for Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations, which says “…that for every one rich man, there must be five hundred poor…” Set in Oklahoma, these ten stories explore America’s poor, the disenfranchised and the disillusioned. It is a collection that will haunt you, make you laugh and make you think. Noah is a critically acclaimed NoahMilliganwriter whose work has appeared in countless literary journal and magazines. His first novel is An Elegant Theory and we’ll release his new novel, Into Captivity They Will Go, in Fall 2019. Central Avenue is incredibly proud to publish the work of such a talented writer and we know that you will love this timely and superb anthology.