• Abbie Williams
  • January 1, 2018
  • Romance | 299pp
  • Trade Paper  978-1-77168-126-1  $14.95
  • Ebook  978-1-77168-029-5  $4.99
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Until Tomorrow

A devastating fire and unanswered questions have left Tish Gordon reeling. With her true love in critical condition in a Montana hospital, and secrets from the past and present continuing to haunt her, Tish is more determined than ever to prove just who is responsible for this destruction in her life.

Tish’s family has come from Minnesota to be at her side, including her younger sister Ruthann, who Marshall Rawley has been in love with for years. Ruthann, just a step away from being engaged to her boyfriend back home, wants only to help Tish discover answers. What Ruthann is not expecting to find is a mysterious, dangerous link to the past, and a powerful love that not even time can destroy. 

Perfect for romantic mystery lovers.
Foreword Reviews


Jalesville, MT – August, 2013

At some point that night, a dream assaulted me.

Later I was to wonder if the quiet sounds of a trespasser had crept into my unconscious mind, triggering the nightmare. What if I’d woken just minutes earlier? Could I have stopped what happened next? I would never know.

In the dream I was back at my older sister Camille’s wedding, which had taken place in October of ’06. Fiery autumn colors decorated the trees ringing Flickertail Lake that bright, sunny Saturday; I’d been eighteen years old and home from the university I attended in Minneapolis.

The reception appeared in my dreamscape exactly as I’d witnessed it seven years earlier – everyone gathered in the grand ballroom of White Oaks Lodge, our family and friends, not to mention most of the residents of Landon, eager to celebrate with the happy bride and groom.

Champagne and twinkling lights, live music, merry laughter from every direction – but a small knot of unease in my chest. I observed the on going festivity from a slight distance, as though sequestered in a dim corner.

Join them.

But I couldn’t walk forward.

I didn’t know exactly how much time had passed before a man appeared at my elbow. I looked up at him, confused; it seemed I should know who he was but I couldn’t remember. I opened my mouth to ask him his name – I knew him, there was no doubt, but why couldn’t I think of his name? His gaze held mine, the lights glinting in his red-gold hair, and my heart increased its speed.

Patricia, he murmured. A smoldering grin lit his eyes and traveled to his lips.

This was all the invitation I required. I leaped into his arms, clinging to his neck; how could I have failed to recognize him? I spoke his name against the warmth of his skin, joy sparking a fire in my blood that heated my entire body.

Where have you been? I demanded.

Looking for you, of course, my sweet, sweet heart.

His arms crushed me close and I burrowed against his strong chest.

A strange crackling noise, one I could not place into context, began to drown out the sounds of Camille’s reception, slicing cleanly through the bubble of my happiness; I went rigid, tense with increasing dread.

Do you hear that? Ax, do you hear that sound?

Hear what sound, love?

Realization scalded my senses before I could respond – someone had lit White Oaks on fire. Beyond his shoulder I watched flames streak across the ballroom floor as though alive, consuming everything in their path. I was shouting then – begging people to run, to save their lives, but no sound emerged from my throat and no one was listening. Wild with fear, I tried to drag him outside with me but my fingers passed through empty air.

Axton! I screamed, steeped in terror.

Where are you?