Tidal Pools and Other Small Infinities

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There are infinite beginnings waiting for you. Sometimes, what seems like a beginning is actually an ending – and that ending becomes the start of what you really needed all along.

The love story starts in the usual way: a whirlwind of confessions, late night conversations, and promises that seem sturdy. The years pass by, and novelty is replaced by a comforting routine – one that’s difficult to walk away from when things take a toxic turn.

This is a collection about bravery and evolution. It takes courage to leave behind the familiar. To question all the things that once seemed undeniably true. To learn to stand on your own and, in doing so, become who you were really meant to be.

Endings can be the best beginnings…once you realize you have the power to create them.


Kristen Costello is a poet, speaker, and mental health advocate who lives in Central New Jersey (yes, it exists!). She is the author of two full-length collections: Tidal Pools and Other Small Infinities and Grey Matters. Her work explores themes such as love, loss, mental health, personal growth, and healing. When she’s not writing, you can find her beachcombing, watching space documentaries, or buying more books than she can carry. Find her on TikTok @kristens_notebook_poetry

Tidal Pools and Other Small Infinities feels like you are walking into a new season filled with the kind of hope and beauty you didn’t know you needed. It is gentle like a new beginning and takes you to a place that feels like home. It will open your heart in all of the ways that feel safe while reminding you that you’re exactly where you are meant to be.” — Wilder, author of nocturnal and golden

Tidal Pools and Other Small Infinities is a heartfelt, honest collection about what it’s like to see forever with someone else, then learn to face infinity on your own. Tied together with beautiful imagery you can almost touch, Costello’s writing will help you move forward.” — Shelby Leigh, author of Girl Made of Glass

“Through poignant introspection, Tidal Pools and Other Small Infinities examines how life’s smallest moments can often be its most significant. Honest and heart-wrenching with threads of innocence, resilience and hope throughout, Costello’s collection takes readers on a journey through–not just falling in love, but—falling in love with oneself. The book rises like a Phoenix from its own ashes. A must read for anyone looking to realize their own infinity.” — Michelle Awad, author of Soul Trash, Space Garbage

“In sharing pieces of herself, Kristen Costello holds up a mirror to the reader’s inner self as well. Wrapped in beautiful yet digestible imagery, you’ll be enthralled by Tidal Pools and Other Small Infinities. You’ll walk away with more gratitude for the slow burn of the healing process. Reading this book was like watching an intricate magic trick unfold. How does Costello do it?” — Alicia Cook, author of Sorry I Haven’t Texted You Back

“Tidal Pools and Other Small Infinities” is a tender exploration of love–where it begins, how it falls apart, and who we become in the aftermath. Through dreamy language and gentle imagery Kristen Costello reminds us that no matter how deep we find ourselves in waves of sadness, there is beauty waiting for us on the other side of it.” — Caitlin Conlon, author of The Surrender Theory