• Abbie Williams
  • February 1, 2018
  • Romance | 325pp
  • Trade Paper  978-1-77168-127-8  $14.95
  • Ebook  978-1-77168-128-5  $4.99
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The Way Back

Ruthann Gordon has disappeared.

Swept away by powerful circumstances beyond her control, Ruthann awakens in a place far removed from what she has ever known. Terrified and alone, fate guides her path to people she is certain she has never met, but somehow knows.

Marshall Rawley has also vanished from his hometown of Jalesville, Montana, and there has been no word for months. Trapped in the wild and dangerous past, Ruthann discovers truths she never imagined – and begins to understand her role in saving not only her family, but the family of the man she loves more than her own life.

Perfect for romantic mystery lovers.
Foreword Reviews


Jalesville, Montana – February, 2014

The image of her in my head was so clear I battled the urge to reach outward, even as my hands were frantic with motion, saddling my horse, stowing gear. I breathed clouds of exertion into the cold night air inside the barn, pausing only to lean my forehead against Arrow’s familiar hide, trying desperately to keep level. I would help no one if I lost all control right now; deep inside, my heart shrieked at me to hurry.

I would tear myself inside out to have her returned to me. To see Ruthann enter the barn from the freezing winter’s night and tell me I had been worried for no reason. I gritted my teeth at the pain of this thought, at the longing for her that spiked in my blood. My father’s barn, the barn in which I’d spent thousands of hours learning the way of horses, cleaning tack, shoveling shit and forking hay, was dark with nightfall, bitter with cold. My mind stalled, rebelling against the absolute fucking agony of being separated from her, pulling me from the hell of this February night and tossing me backward to the first time I’d taught her to saddle a horse.

As though echoing my thoughts, Banjo, her mare, gave a low-pitched whinny from her stall, stamping her hooves. Arrow whickered in response; the two of them were accustomed to riding together and attuned to one another’s moods. The sun had been setting as I showed

Ruthann the steps that summer evening, bathing her in its radiance, and the familiar process (which I could have performed blindfolded since age five) were all but lost as I studied the woman who owned me, heart and soul. Did she know how much I loved her, how that love filled me every single moment, day or night, waking or sleeping; filled me whole.

I am coming for you, angel. I will not give up until I find you, this I swear on my life.