• Alex Lyttle
  • May 1, 2019
  • Middle Grade Fiction/Fantasy | 352pp
  • Trade Paper  978-1-77168-158-2  $9.99
  • Ebook  978-1-77168-159-9  $5.99
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The Rise of Winter

This action-packed first book of a middle grade fantasy trilogy brings together magical animals, environmental destruction, and finding one’s place in a world where everything is about to change.

Centuries ago, the world, Terra, was nearly destroyed by humans. As she recovered, Terra created the Guardians – a group sworn to protect her. But humans have returned to their plundering ways and Terra needs the Guardians. She calls on them only to find they have fractured – their last leader murdered years before. They need a new leader – a new Terra Protectorum – but when a young girl is chosen, outrage ensues. Questions demand answers.

Why has Terra selected a girl with no knowledge of the Guardians? Why has she chosen a human when it is the humans destroying the earth? And most importantly, why has she chosen the girl whose father murdered the last Terra Protectorum?

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The Rise of Winter


I never knew my father. He died when I was very young, and Granny never spoke of him, which was odd because she spoke about my mother, who had died during childbirth. She told me that my mother had been sweet and kind and loved my father immensely. But my father…not a word. Anytime I’d try to ask questions she’d close up like a clam and get this hazy look in her eyes. I knew something was odd that day when she finally did mention him.

Come to think of it, a lot was odd about that day.

For starters, I counted eleven cars on my walk to school, which was two more than I’d ever counted before. Every day someone in town was trading in their horse and buggy for one of the Society’s new Dorf Model Bs and it felt like the whole town would soon be overrun by those metal beasts.

But I guess that wasn’t sostrange. The Society had built new roads and the price of their cars had dropped. Plus, everyone said driving made getting around easier.

I suppose the first really unusual thing happened at lunch. Right around the time I was getting my butt kicked by Penny and her cronies.