Sometimes I Fall Asleep Thinking About You

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A look into the process of recovering after a particularly bad love, sometimes i fall asleep thinking about you is a collection of poetry on the feeling of never getting closure, that lingering longing you still get even when you know you shouldn’t, and how it feels to finally be able to say, “I have finally let you go,” after years of struggling to find the words.


Catarine Hancock is a young writer from Lexington, Kentucky, currently finishing her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance at University of Kentucky. From a very young age, Catarine has been a bookworm with a desire to tell her own stories. Catarine writes predominantly love poetry, but she also writes about music, friendship, and self-love, as well feminism and other political topics.

“Raw and full of harrowing honesty regarding love and loss. An incredibly fulfilling collection perfect for any reader looking to be heard and knowing better love exists for them.” – Zane Frederick, author of i am tired of being a dandelion

“The moment I opened this book it felt like coming home. Catarine writes with such honesty and vulnerability that will make you feel less alone.” – Makenzie Campbell, author of Nineteen and 2am Thoughts

“Catarine Hancock is at her best in this collection of poetry that perfectly captures the complex and often messy nature of heartbreak, healing, and coming out of it stronger than ever.” – Parker Lee, author of coffee days whiskey nights