Shades of Lovers

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love comes in many colors.

this is a story of breaking and healing, of forgiving but not forgetting, of understanding and balance.

it is not only something to enjoy, but something to learn from.

here are the things i did right, and the many things i did wrong.

i give them to you, so that when love comes knocking, you will have a sense of what to do when you open the door.

Explore the experience of six different relationships in this moving collection that dives into the highs and lows of love.


Catarine Hancock is a young write from Lexington, Kentucky, currently finishing her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance at University of Kentucky. From a very young age, Catarine has been a bookworm with a desire to tell her own stories. Catarine writes predominantly love poetry, but she also writes about music, friendship, and self-love, as well feminism and other political topics.