• Abbie Williams
  • March 30, 2018
  • Romance | 330pp
  • Trade Paper  978-1-77168-130-8  $14.95
  • Ebook  978-1-77168-131-5  $4.99
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Return to Yesterday

The stakes have never been higher for sisters Camille, Tish, and Ruthann Gordon. Separated by unimaginable circumstances, they must fight to save each other and those they love from Fallon Yancy’s wrath. Destiny has caused their paths to intersect across centuries, a long and treacherous link between the Davis and Yancy families, a link that must now be severed before it is too late. 

Mathias Carter, Case Spicer, and Marshall Rawley have dared to love the three sisters despite the ancient family curse. Each has his own fate to contend with, both in the past and in present-day. Ruthann and Marshall must fight to return to the future – or will the unthinkable happen, keeping one of them forever in the past?

The final novel in the Shore Leave Café saga, Return to Yesterday is a heated, tense, action-packed conclusion to the series.

Perfect for romantic mystery lovers.
Foreword Reviews


Dakota Territory – June, 1882

Marshall sat on one of two mismatched chairs in the little soddy where we would spend this night, a dishtowel wrapped around his neck as I shaved away his thick beard. I worked with deliberate care by the light of a single lantern, using a straight-edge razor; he rested his hands around the curve of my hips, watching me as I worked.

Despite the fact that I was naked from the waist up, wearing nothing but one of my old underskirts, a well-worn garment once white and now the color of faded daisies, he could not take his eyes from mine.

“Your face,” he breathed, trying not to move his jaw until I lifted the razor to swish it through a small bowl of warm water. “I dreamed of your face every night. Your eyes and the shape of your mouth, and the way your forehead crinkles when you’re thinking hard.” He added, “Your smile,” as I did smile, stroking my bare belly with his thumbs. “And the sweet little freckles on your nose and the way you blush when I compliment you. I feel like I haven’t stopped dreaming.”

I shook my head at his adoring words, cupping his chin. I had successfully shaved half of his face and admonished in a whisper, “You hold still.”

“I mean it,” he insisted. “Do you know how many nights I lay awake longing for you until I thought I would die? And now you’re here with me. I’m afraid to wake up.”

I leaned closer and licked his nose. He snorted a laugh and for a second it was as though no time had passed since our first date way back in 2013, when I’d done the same thing. I muttered, “Don’t make me flick you.”

He smiled, though tears wet his gray eyes. “Angel, you can do any thing you want to me. As long as you’re here. Just stay with me. Be close to me. That’s all I will ask of this life, ever again.”