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Our entire lives are dictated by love. Love creates our brightest joys and our deepest aches. Love cures. Love scars. Love brings out both the best and the worst of us, and yet, through the highs and the lows, we learn, and we grow, making ourselves ready to find the love that lasts.

Lovers/Exes/Soulmate is a testament to those who take our hearts, break our hearts, and make them whole again. From the intensity of our first loves, through the despair of heartbreak, and to finding “the one” and beyond, this collection of poetry and prose captures what it means to be human: to love, to lose, and to love again.



Elison Alcovendaz is a Filipino-American writer whose work has appeared in Rattle Magazine, The Rumpus, Santa Monica Review, The Portland Review, McNeese Review, and many other magazines and journals. Elison’s short prose was selected as a Best Small Fictions 2020 winner and has been nominated for Best of the Net. When he isn’t writing, Elison collects books, shops at thrift stores, builds Lego, and chastises himself for doing those things instead of writing. He received an MA in Creative Writing from the local university in Sacramento, CA, where he still lives with his wife and two daughters.