Her, Him & I

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A poignant collection of poetry and prose that tackles the complexities of heartache, gender roles, queerness, and toxic masculinity.

Introspective, vulnerable, and tantalizing, this is a love letter to queerness — capturing the joy, grief, ecstasy, and hope that accompany it. The poems tackle the complexities of infatuation, heartache, sexual assault, and toxic masculinity.

Across three acts, Weissmann offers readers an unfiltered view into his psyche through several romantic relationships. These poems magnify the reality of exploring emotional and physical intimacy with multiple genders, all while navigating the journey of self-love.

Her, Him & I is a coming-of-age celebration of heartbreak and healing.


Christian Weissmann is a writer, actor and poet from Chicago, Illinois. He’s appeared on shows such as Saved By The Bell, Dear White People, and Girl Meets World. Weissmann got his start publishing essays in the Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, and Byline on topics like queerness and toxic masculinity. He lives in Los Angeles with his extensive record collection.

Her, Him & I is a romantic walk down memory lane that fuels your senses. Weissmann has choreographed a dance with words—this collection beautifully captures how the relationships of our youth teach us things about ourselves we’d never learn otherwise.” — Michaela Angemeer, author of Please Love Me at My Worst

“Her, Him, & I is sensual, wistful, and earnest. This collection gorgeously balances the dualities of hope and heartbreak, nostalgia and anticipation, flirtation and loathing, playfulness and sincerity. I was instantly drawn into Christian’s inner world, enamored with how he romantically describes ordinary moments with the awareness that they will one day become tender memories. Your heart will ache in your chest as Christian illustrates what it means to move on, defy, and bloom.” — Madisen Kuhn, author of Almost Home

“Weissmann’s Her, Him & I is a necessary addition to the queer literary canon. It is a collection of poems that gives, to its readers, permission: to feel, to pine after whomever. Love, with all its stings and burns, knows no gender—too big, too grand for the neat little boxes society puts us in.” — Grant Chemidlin, author of What We Lost in the Swamp

“From the very first line, Weissmann builds a vulnerable, fluid and comforting world of love, loss, lust, and hope. You will feel with him, you will yearn with him, you will sigh of relief and longing with him and ultimately you will hope with him.” — Eli Rallo, author of I Didn’t Know I Needed This

Her, Him & I lovingly cradles readers who are in the dance of finding their identity in romance and relationships. A collection filled with love, even in some of Weissmann’s deepest heartaches.” — Brianna Pastor, author of Good Grief

“A tender yet visceral collection that spoke to my big bisexual heart. Weissman’s words find the romance in the everyday, transporting us through formative moments of a life well loved.” — Jen Winston, author of Greedy

“Christian makes poetry feel so fresh and modern. His words remind us that love is the most important thing, the only thing, really. It also reminds us that the most important love affair is with yourself.” — Rene Lynch, editor at LAist & LA Times