• Darlene Foster
  • September 1, 2019
  • Middle Grade Fiction – Travel | 128pp
  • Trade Paper  978-1-77168-171-1  $9.99
  • Ebook  978-1-77168-172-8  $4.99
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Amanda in Holland

Amanda is in Holland to see the tulips with her best friend, Leah. They travel the canals of Amsterdam, visit Anne Frank House, check out windmills, tour a wooden shoe factory, and take many pictures of the amazing flowers of Keukenhof Gardens. She is keen to find out what happened to her great uncle who never returned from WWII and was declared missing in action. What she doesn’t expect to find and fall in love with is Joey, an abandoned puppy. While trying to find a home for him, she meets Jan, a Dutch boy who offers to help, a suspicious gardener, a strange woman on a bicycle, and an overprotective goose named Gerald.

Follow Amanda around the charming country of Holland, filled with colourful tulips, windmills, and more bicycles than she could have imagined. Once again, intrepid traveller Amanda encounters danger and intrigue as she tries to solve more than one mystery in a foreign country.


“Adventure, mystery and friendship — I loved learning about Holland through the eyes of Amanda and Leah!” — Alex Lyttle, Author of The Rise of Winter and From Ant to Eagle

“Fans of the ‘Amanda Travels’ books will likely enjoy themselves as they explore a piece of the Southwestern United States.” — School Library Journal (Amanda in New Mexico)

“The story is told in a conversational voice that will draw all readers in and deftly mixes the cultural details with how Amanda engages in and solves the mystery.” — Jacqui Murray, author of Born in a Treacherous Time

“I had to smile as page after page the essence of the country is superbly captured through Amanda’s eyes.” — Irene Butler, author and travel writer