25 Love Poems for the NSA

0 out of 5

Warning. Every poem in this book has one or more words in it that have been taken from the NSA’s watch list. A full list of the words appears at the back of this book. By transmitting this book via email or other means, you are liable to be tracked by the NSA as a potential terrorist threat. This book is dedicated to how ridiculous that is.


Iain S. Thomas is a new media artist and author. As an author, his most famous work is I Wrote This For You, which he writes under the pseudonym pleasefindthis – a blog then book that’s been on poetry bestseller lists since its launch in 2011. His other books include I Am Incomplete Without You, 300 Things I Hope, Intentional Dissonance, How To Be Happy: Not A Self-Help Book and more. He regularly writes for The Huffington Post on poetry, creativity and life and currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa.