Williams, Abbie

Abbie Williams

Abbie Williams writes passionate, emotional fiction about relationships, heartache, and redemption. The author of more than a dozen novels, Abbie lives in rural Minnesota with her husband and their busy family. Her abiding interest in women’s issues, family dynamics, and nineteenth century history permeates her writing.

A Shore Leave Cafe Romance

1. Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe

2. Second Chances

3. A Notion of Love

4. Winter at the White Oaks Lodge

5. Wild Flower

6. The First Law of Love

7. Until Tomorrow

8. The Way Back

9. Return to YesterdayA Place to Belong

The story continues in her most recent novel, A Place to Belong.

Be sure to also read Abbie’s The Dove Saga, a sweeping post-Civil War trilogy.

The Dove Saga

1. Heart of a Dove

2. Soul of a Crow

3. Grace of a Hawk

When Abbie isn’t writing, teaching, or taking care of her busy family, you can find her hanging out on the dock, listening to some good bluegrass music.


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