The first book of our Spring 2019 season will be Pickle’s Progress by Marcia Butler.

Part Tom Wolfe, part Woody Allen, and part John Updike, this quirky, sometimes dark, NYC novel addresses the bond of identical twins, the hardships of booze, and the pitfalls of beauty.

Marcia Butler’s debut novel, Pickle’s Progress, is a fierce, mordant New York story about the twisted path to love. Over the course of five weeks, identical twin brothers, one wife, a dog, and a bereaved young woman collide against each other to comical and sometimes horrifying effect. Everything is questioned and tested as they jockey for position and try to maintain the status quo. Love is the poison, the antidote, the devil and, ultimately, the hero.

Already blurbed by a slew of highly acclaimed and popular authors, we’re expecting a great response to this release. Marcia is currently meeting booksellers on the East Coast and will be at all the major trade shows coming up this fall and winter.

“The four main characters in Pickle’s Progress seem more alive than most of the people we know in real life because their fears and desires are so nakedly exposed. That’s because their creator, Marcia Butler, possesses truly scary X-ray vision and intelligence to match.” —Richard Russo

You can request a copy over at NetGalley, but we’re only able to approve just a few requests right now. We do plan on opening it up more widely in the coming months.

Please join me in welcoming Marcia to the Central Avenue family!