ireadiwrite Publishing Books Available in the Kindle Store

As of October 5, almost all our books went live in Amazon’s Kindle Store.  Since one of my jobs as Creative Director is to gain distribution for our books – I was extremely happy to see our books go live so quickly.

Please remember that we are not a self-publisher.  We invest in our books by helping authors with editing, designing cover art, issuing ISBN’s, marketing and distribution.  We’re proud of our books and we think you’d like them too.

So now, we offer an even greater choice to our readers, who can buy our books directly from us, or from Mobipocket, Books on Board and Kindle.

There’s more coming and we offer our congratulations to our authors on now being available in the massive bookstore!

Really? Another Blog? Really?

Really.  Another blog.  Does anyone really have time to read yet another blog?  I get lost sometimes, reading blogs – it’s so easy to find new ones and before I know it, I’ve spent an hour jumping around the blogosphere reading everything from the informative to the inane.

I seriously considered putting news about ireadiwrite on our home site, but it didn’t seem like the right place.  That site is really meant for our author’s works, to showcase them, and conduct transactions.  I am hoping that this space will be one that our Readers and Writers can come to find news about our books and our company.

And so, thus commences my first post.  A simple state-of-the-nation type post.  A what’s-happening-around-the-old-homestead kind of post.  And here goes…

First, a brief history of ireadiwrite Publishing.  I come from market research – as I’ve said before, I’m a numbers person from Nielsen.  I am not an author, I’ve never tried to get published.  I am however an avid reader and a self-confessed technophile.  And I’m immersed in the publishing industry – an industry ready for and on the brink of change.  All of those things were thrown into one big pot and out came ireadiwrite Publishing.  As one who loves to catch the waves of the Pacific Ocean, we’re not looking to change the tide, but simply ride the wave of change that’s already happening.

I really don’t think the publishing industry is broken, nor do I suppose to believe that I can fix it.  But there are a few things that I do wish come of this venture:

  1. That we provide another outlet for authors to have their work read.
  2. That we work in conjunction with the established publishing industry.
  3. That we offer high quality and professional grade Works.
  4. That we encourage people to read (and something other than what a TV celebrity suggests).
  5. That we be part of this new and growing segment.
  6. That we respect our Writers by being up front and honest, that we do what we can for them, and tell them what we can’t.

The past months have been so eventful, we’ve made some mistakes and learned from them and we’ve done some things really well.  And this week, we will be releasing our 23rd Work – an addition to the great family of Writers and Works that have been published to date.  We’re beginning to work with other booksellers, distributing our Writers’ Works in as many channels as possible.  We’ve logged good sales on our own and on those sites and we’re growing slowly, but more importantly, surely.

We are a book publisher, we invest in our Writers and their Work.  We’re not interested in hosting tens of thousands of free or almost free documents, we’ll leave that for other sites that do it better than we can.  But we will help create, share and distribute high quality books and be just a small contributor helping make writing a fair profession.

And by using this “yet-another-blog” and your feedback, consideration and help, hopefully we’ll do just that.