Guest Blogging – Again!

This time, it was for one of our writers – Anita Rodgers over at her blog: Writer Chick Talks.  It’s a well followed, well put-together blog on a variety of topics.

Many writers and readers struggle with the digital format that is electronic books/publishing.  Many folks believe that e-reading is something done at your personal computer.  They don’t necessarily understand what e-books are and what the trends are.  So this blog was written for them, as well as discussing some of the issues that we face as a digital publisher.

So, I’ll direct you over to Writer Chick Talks for this little post, and in a few days, I’ll wax more about our challenges as a digital publisher.  Since no-one will likely want me going on about our issues on their blog, I’ll be sure to do it here.  Stay tuned!