• Oscar Martens
  • April 15, 2020
  • Short Stories | 224pp
  • Trade Paper  978-1-77168-195-7  $14.99
  • Ebook  978-1-77168-196-4  $7.99
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No Call Too Small

An accomplished writer, Oscar Martens has won several Canadian literary awards. This anthology compiles some of his best work previously only published separately.

By the end of the day, a cop must choose between ethics and social death. A camp counsellor, stuck deep in the woods with a small group of boys, only has a few hours before the DTs kick in. Adult children scramble to get the best of what remains of their mother’s estate, but funeral plans may be premature. Sandwiched between a depressed mother and a careless father, a young girl must help attract customers to the family business, no matter the cost.

The stories in No Call Too Small represent micro-scale disaster tourism on a winding road that is long and dark. Driving too fast, weaving between flaming wrecks, and drifting through cliff-side curves, there’s little choice but to hang on and meet whatever’s over the rise head on.