November 2016

Release Day: An Elegant Theory & Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe

It’s with great pleasure that we celebrate the official release of two books today.

9781771680998An Elegant Theory is the debut novel by Noah Milligan. It follows Coulter Zahn, an unstable genius who’s on the brink of the most important discovery in theoretical physics the world has known -and- a complete mental breakdown. Noah has been shortlisted for significant awards, and acclaimed for his short stories. Foreword Reviews describes it as “…a literary Rorschach test, a mind-bending ride, in which “real” conclusions are elusive, and discovery always waits just beyond the next page.”9781771681056

Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe is the first book in a romantic saga of a family of women living lakeside in a small Minnesota town. It starts with the breakdown of Joelle Gordon’s marriage and her subsequent desire for a much younger man, despite the dangers inherent in a summer fling. Abbie Williams has made romance accessible, real and endearing while bypassing the glitz and glamour of many romance novels. It’s been a blogger favorite and will be featured in the upcoming Publishers Weekly romance editorial in November.

Please join me in welcoming these two wonderful books to the world.