January 2016

Calling all Book Bloggers!

Spring-2016Over the past few months, we’ve made quite a marketing effort with our Spring 2016 titles. ARCs have been sent off to major reviewers, we’ve contacted the media and we’re offering giveaways at Goodreads. But we wouldn’t be where we are today without the super wonderful people who run their own book blogs.

Book bloggers have been our greatest supporters for several years and they’ve helped a few of our books go viral. These people read endlessly and provide absolutely bang-on, creative and professional reviews. I know there’s a lot of people out there who love to hate – we see it all the time in the comments/reviews on bookstores or on book review sites. But overwhelmingly, I have had the most positive experience with book bloggers. They stick to their deadlines, they help offer giveaways and they’re pretty nice people too.

Our Spring 2016 catalogue is ready to download here, but I wanted to personally extend an invitation to any blogger who might be interested in reading any – or all! – of our four titles. We have something for everyone, a thriller, romance, New Adult and an early middle grade book. We will be sending out notes to the ones we have in our contact list or ones we’ve worked with before, but we’d love to hear from you if you’re new to blogging.

If you’re interested in reviewing a digital ARC of our titles, please email me at michelle @ centralavenuepublishing dot com. I’d be happy to hook you up with a book or two, provide details of giveaways as well as offering up guest posts or interviews by our good-looking, charming and extremely entertaining authors.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Happy New Year & Intro to 2016

Happy New Year! Last year was a very exciting year for us as we grew by leaps and bounds and then finished off the year by signing on with distributor, Independent Publishers Group which has meant some amazing things for this little publishing house, even in the two months we’ve been officially working together. We can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.

Well, we are certain of a few things: lots of new releases! The 2016 seasons will see us release likely ten books. In Spring, we have four and Fall will bring six, maybe seven books. It’s a lot to undertake, but I work with an amazing group of hardworking authors who help me out with all this. Plus, the folks at IPG have been simply amazing, so I’m expecting great things for us all.

I’ve already introduced the Spring 2016 titles, and I wanted to take a moment to reveal the first of the Fall 2016 titles and the first by a new author to Central Avenue: An Elegant Theory by Noah Milligan.



An Elegant Theory will be released in November 2016


Coulter Zahn is a mild-mannered and shy but promising PhD candidate, completing his research on string theory while his young wife is expecting their first child. Coulter’s delicate mental state becomes further fragmented, however, when his work is criticized, his estranged mother returns, and his wife tells him she’s leaving him.

One evening, with his life and mental health unraveling, Coulter uncharacteristically loses control, irreparably changing the course of the lives around him. The very next morning, he catches a break in his research, discovering the true shape of the universe. Easily influenced by those around him and own untrustworthy psyche, Coulter must decide whether to face the consequence of his actions or finish his research, perhaps making the greatest contribution to science since Einstein’s theory of relativity.

An existential psychological thriller, An Elegant Theory explores how the construction of memory and consciousness can shape motive, guilt, and identity through the lens of a modern-day mad-scientist motif.


From myself and the authors here at Central Avenue Publishing, we wish you the best for 2016…