October 2015

Central Avenue Publishing Welcomes Noah Milligan

NoahMilliganIt is with great pleasure that I introduce Noah Milligan, the newest author in the Central Avenue Publishing cache of talented writers.

Noah splits his time between words and numbers and is a longtime student of physics, prompting him to write his debut novel, An Elegant Theory, which was shortlisted for the 2015 Horatio Nelson Fiction Prize. His short fiction has appeared in numerous literary magazines, including MAKE, Storyscape Literary Journal, Empty Sink Publishing, and Santa Clara Review. He is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Central Oklahoma, where he studied under Rilla Askew and Constance Squires. He lives in Edmond, OK, with his wife and two children.

An Elegant Theory will be out in October 2016 and is an existential psychological thriller that explores how the construction of memory and consciousness can shape motive, guilt, and identity through the lens of a modern-day mad-scientist motif.

Coulter Zahn is a promising PhD candidate at MIT, completing his dissertation on string theory, while his young wife is expecting their first child. Coulter’s already delicate mental state becomes irreparably fragmented, however, when his dissertation is strongly discouraged by his mentor, his estranged mother returns, and his wife informs him that she wants to leave him.

His life and mental health unraveling, Coulter unwittingly commits a heinous crime, but before he can summon the courage to turn himself in, he catches a break in his research. Influenced by those surrounding him and his own untrustworthy psyche, Coulter must decide whether to face the consequences of his crime or finish his research, perhaps making the greatest contribution to science since Einstein’s theory of relativity.

You can follow Noah on Twitter, Facebook or visit him at his website. His posts are insightful, interesting and follow a wide variety of topics. Welcome, Noah!