January 2015

What’s Coming Up in 2015 at Central Avenue Publishing

What’s Coming Up in 2015 at Central Avenue Publishing

As the new year is well underway, I can catch my breath and let you know of a few things that are happening around here. We are planning to release 6 new books in the coming 12 months. After realizing how much work that truly is and freaking out a little bit, I figured I ought to formally introduce the first three. 

9781771680288I Wrote This For You and Only You pleasefindthis – Spring 2015

This is the third book of the I Wrote This For You project that started 2007. The first book, released in 2011, continues its popularity all over the world. Replete with the most recent and original entries, this edition continues the exploration of hauntingly beautiful words, photography and emotion that’s unique to each person that reads it.

perf5.250x8.000.inddOMG… I Did It Again?! – Talia Aikens-Nunez – Summer 2015

April did it again! All she wanted to do was help save endangered elephants. But, her witch powers got in the way and they are taking over her town! How can she fix this? With the help of her friends Eve and Grace, they find a spell. But, will it work or will April’s witch powers spiral out of control?

HTBH CHow to Be Happy Iain S. Thomas – Summer 2015

Central Avenue Publishing sincerely regrets the repeated issues that have led to the delay of this book. We must point out that while this is not technically a self help book, it does indeed contain some very poignant prose which may or may not lead you to happiness. Mostly, it is the rather unfortunate chronicle of one man’s attempt to try and write the book he’s promised his publisher, no matter the cost to his own self esteem.

Author’s note: Honestly, it’s really just a collection of my short stories, prose and poetry.