Boxing Week Continues…

For our next round of books on sale this week – we’re sending out a bit of heat. If winter cold is getting you down, pick up one of these books: they’re guaranteed to warm you up a bit.

Have fun!

Boxing Day Sale!

It’s that wonderful time of year that we in Canada like to call Boxing Day – there’s tons of sales in every store, and ireadiwrite Publishing is taking part too – we’re having our own Boxing Day sale. Come check out Ellen Ekstrom’s great books for only $0.99. Ellen is a specialist in historical fiction, but there’s a fun women’s fiction title in there as well.

Check back all week for more sales!

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays

This year has just been a wonderful year for us at ireadiwrite Publishing. We’ve helped to create and distribute books by wonderful authors whose books deserve to be read. And given the way the public has responded to both indie presses and ebooks, they are. Our sales have doubled, tripled, quadrulpled, quintupled – and more!

We’re very grateful for all that’s happened this year and we’d like to take a bit of time and webspace to thank you for all your support.

Thank you. So much.