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Start a New Series

The start of the new year seems the right time to try something new, and Kobo is running an excellent promotion: Start a New Series, and they selected four of our series to be featured. (While we'd love for you to support a fellow Canadian business, you can buy them on all ebook stores.) If you like series, you might be interested in one of ours. We've got these four books on sale for $0.99 right now; all are the start of some fantastic storytelling.


News & Reviews

  • "From Ant to Eagle is absolutely terrific. I was very moved and many elements of the story—the cancer crumble, beliefs about life and death, the nature of palliative care, the role of nurses, physicians, and the patients themselves in the oncology wheel—were not only riveting but informative.” — Paulette Bourgeois, Author
  • "Avoiding sentimentality or easy answers, From Ant to Eagle explores the complex emotions of a family on the verge of “the cancer crumble” with stark honesty and warm compassion." — Beth Cooley, Author of Ostrich Eye and Shelter
  • "I was prepared for From Ant to Eagle to be a 'sad' book, but to describe this book with just one emotion would be doing this extraordinary debut author a disservice. This is a book about fear, joy, frustration, acceptance, forgiveness, anger and, above all, love. This is a story of emotional truth that is sure to captivate readers of all ages." — Ashley Spires, Bestselling author and illustrator of The Most Magnificent Thing
  • An Elegant Theory: Top Pick for December - Indies Unlimited
  • 300 Things I Hope: "A lovely little book that is sure to make you smile!" Que Sara Sera
  • Second Chances: "There’s plenty of what most of us like, love scenes and downright romantic and hot conversations, fun, and thrills." The Reading Cafe
  • Amanda on the Danube: "This book is a shining example of great, well-written, age-appropriate middle-grade books!" — This Kid Reviews Books
  • Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe "...a definite must keep reading the rest of the series..." — A Soccer Mom's Book Blog
  • "Heartfelt and inspirational, 300 Things I Hope is emotional to browse and makes an excellent giftbook." — Midwest Book Review
  • Amanda on the Danube: "...an interesting story that will keep a child’s attention without being condescending." — Long and Short Reviews
  • "An Elegant Theory is a literary Rorschach test, a mind-bending ride, in which “real” conclusions are elusive, and discovery always waits just beyond the next page." — Foreword Reviews

Events & Appearances

  • Noah Milligan: Full Circle Books - January 21 @ 3pm
  • Noah Milligan: University of Central Oklahoma - January 23
  • Alex Lyttle: Chapters, Chinook Centre, Calgary AB - April 22 @11am - 3pm
  • Noah Milligan: Barnes & Noble - May 2017


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From Ant to Eagle

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