No Call Too Small

Welcome to No Call Too Small by Oscar Martens, a collection of quirky, darkly humorous stories reminiscent of Black Mirror or George Saunders. Oscar is a critically acclaimed author who has been published in multiple literary journals. This collection brings his best work together in one volume.


By the author of the wildly successful 2am Thoughts, comes Nineteen — titled after the poet’s age when she wrote this new book. Ideal for young people exploring adulthood, Nineteen is a collection of poetry that broaches heartbreak, love, loss, war, peace, and healing.

A Strangely Wrapped Gift

In A Strangely Wrapped Gift, you will find journeys from mental illness to recovery, from heartbreak to heart growth, from hopelessness to empowerment, and from the ocean to the stars. In these pages, Juniper takes heavy, emotional raw material and weaves it into stunning, relatable poetry you’ll long to share with friends and loved ones. This collection is a reminder that broken pieces make the most beautiful mosaics, and that all of us possess the power to bloom even after a harsh winter.