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May 2016 Releases

May 1 marks the date of our first Spring releases! The Recipient by Dean Mayes and OMG... I Did It Again?! by Talia Aikens-Nunez. Each book has received some amazing critical acclaim and pre-orders for the books were the best we've ever had. Pick up your copy wherever you buy great books - they're available everywhere!

News & Reviews

  • The Chrysomelia Stories: "...anxious to keep turning the pages to see what would happen..." Nicki J. Markus - May
  • Soul of a Crow: "Williams populates her historical fiction with people nearly broken by their experiences." Foreword Reviews - June
  • The Recipient: "...a wonderful read and one that keeps you entertained and guessing all the way through." ~ Lost in a Good Book - May
  • Immortal's Spring: "...a thoroughly satisfying thread-tying conclusion." ` Publishers Weekly - April
  • OMG... I Did It Again "...a breezy story of magic run amok." ~ Publishers Weekly - April
  • The Recipient: "With a highly original and well-developed plot, Dean has crafted a superior page turner which fans of the thriller genre will enjoy." Book Muster Down Under - April
  • "I read Persephone's Orchard a year ago and it still remains one of the most unique and engaging retellings of the Hades and Persephone myth I've ever read." Rachel Alexander, Author of Receiver of Many
  • Immortal's Spring: “Captivating from start to finish, as fraught with intrigue as it is with romance, this is the perfect end to an unforgettable trilogy.” Jamie Deacon, Author of Caught Inside

Events & Appearances


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