Amanda in Alberta

Please join us in congratulating Darlene Foster on her fourth book! Darlene is an avid traveller and translates her own adventures into those of a fictional twelve year old girl who tends to find herself wrapped up in mysteries and adventure as she travels the world with her best friend, Leah.

In the most recent book in the series, Amanda is at home in Alberta and Leah has joined her from England. The two girls are having a great time seeing all that Alberta has to offer: the Calgary Stampede, the Royal Tyrrell Museum and the badlands and Hoodoos. When Amanda finds a stone with a strange mark on it, she's not sure what to do with it, however, everyone seems to want it - including one ornery cowboy!

Great for readers young and old, join Amanda and Leah as they explore Alberta, all while trying to keep a few steps ahead of all those trying to take it from her. And don't forget to enter to win a copy of the book - scroll to the end of the page to enter.

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News & Reviews

  • Persephone's Orchard: "Ringle's skill in reimagining this old tale had me hooked." What's Your Story? 13 July
  • "Ringle is a fantastic writer. She can weave the story together in a way that takes these fantastic ideas and have them make sense. The story is beautiful, impressive, and engaging." JC's Book Haven - 8 July
  • Underworld's Daughter: "Molly’s artfulness in setting patterns of relationships and events in ways that illuminate each other, create foreshadowing and dramatic tension is an especially enjoyable element of the book…" Still Seeking Allies - 29 June
  • Underworld's Daughter: "I loved this book and can’t wait to read the next addition." The Reading Cafe - 28 June
  • "Underworld's Daughter is truly an entertaining and amazing sequel that will leave you wanting for more." Bookish Confections - 27 June
  • Gifts of the Peramangk: "Mayes's characters inspire sympathy, and I kept reading to learn more about them." San Francisco Book Review - 27 May
  • Persephone's Orchard is a RomCon Readers' Crown Finalist: 15 May
  • Intentional Dissonance: "Definitely a unique book and one to read a couple of times over, even if you have read this before." The AfterImage - 14 May

Events & Appearances

  • Iain S. Thomas: Los Angeles - October - TBD
  • Iain S. Thomas: San Francisco - September - TBD
  • Iain S. Thomas: Vancouver - August - TBD
  • Jay Gaskill: The Sandpiper, Idaho Falls ID - 31 July @ 7pm
  • Darlene Foster: Albany Books - Delta BC - 26 July @ 1-3pm
  • Jay Gaskill: Rosenblum Cellars - Alameda CA - June 6 @ 6pm


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